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How to fill USCIS I-912 Form: Instructions, General Guidelines

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How to fill USCIS I-912 Form: Instructions, General Guidelines

To get a fee waiver, you are required to USCIS I-912 Form;

  • Submit Form N-400, Form I-912, and any supporting documents to a specific address mentioned on the forms.
  • Don’t send your Form I-912 without an application or duly completed petition. Once your petition or application is received (Form N-400), you cannot send Form I-912.
  • Moreover, you cannot submit Forms (N-400 & I-912) online; these must be submitted on paper.

General Guidelines of USCIS I-912 Form

USCIS offers all forms without any charges. You can access the most recent versions at the official website of USCIS (www.uscis.gov/forms).

1. Signature USCIS I-912 Form

  • Each request must be legibly written up and submitted. USCIS will not accept a single signature on this form; instead of a signature, use a stamped or typewritten name.
  • Your parent or legal guardian may proceed with this process if you are under 14. Likewise, a legal guardian can also represent a person who lacks mental capacity.

3. Evidence 

  • You must provide all proof and supporting documents required at the time of filing.

4. Copies of USCIS I-912 Form

  • You are required to provide readable photocopies of all necessary papers. When an application is being processed, USCIS may require an original document.

5. Translations USCIS I-912 Form

  • You must offer a complete English translation if you submit a document containing information in a different language. The translator must certify (in writing) that the translation into English is exact and comprehensive.

Instructions of USCIS I-912 Form

Following are instructions regarding Form I-912;

Part 1:

  • This introduction acknowledges your need to make a request. In section one, the following are three possibilities that you may select. Likewise, if you meet the criteria, you can choose more than one box.
  • You, your partner, or the household’s head are eligible for means-tested benefits. The qualifying individual must reside in the same home as you.
  • The Federal Poverty Guidelines are at or below 150% of your household’s annual income.
  • You are having financial difficulties.

Part 2:

  • You are required to fill up your biographical data, including;
  • First, middle, and last names
  • Additional names you’ve previously used or had
  • A-Number (If applicable)
  • The USCIS online account number (If applicable)
  • Date of birth
  • Your social security number
  • Relationship status (If applicable)

Part 3:

  • This section is named “Applications and Petitions for Which You Are Asking for a Fee Exemption.” Here, you enter the information about yourself and other household members. Moreover, you ask for fee remission for these applicants’ immigration forms (s).

Part 4:

  • You must provide details about the receivers and benefits if your justification for submitting Form I-912 is that you receive means-tested benefits, such as;
  • Names of beneficiary
  • Their relationship with you
  • The source of the benefits
  • Kinds of benefits
  • The initiation date of benefits
  • The expiry date of benefits

 Part 5:

  • You must complete section five of the form if your justification for submitting Form I-912 is that your household’s income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. It comprises of;
  • Your current job title
  • Detail of unemployment compensation (if applicable)
  • Detail of marital status
  • Information about the people residing in your home
  • Household’s yearly income
  • Income of all family members
  • Complete financial backing
  • Please specify if your marital status, income, or family size has changed since you filed your federal tax returns.

Part 6:

  • In this part, you will have to provide further details about your circumstances if your justification for filing Form I-912 is a sudden emergency crisis and financial difficulty.
  • Besides your retirement funds, you must mention the worth of any cash and assets you currently own. You will also include all of your monthly obligations and expenses, such as;
  • Rent/mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Loans
  • Auto loans
  • Childcare expenses
  • Payments for elder care
  • Payments for insurance

Part 7:

  • Ensure to get the signatures of family members on Form I-912 if you applied on their behalf.

Part 8:

  • If you took the services of an interpreter, you must provide their complete detail, such as their statement, certification, contact details, postal address, and signature.


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