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USCIS I-693 Form: Instructions, Filling Fee, Processing Time

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USCIS I-693 Form

To demonstrate that you are not prohibited from entering the country due to health-related issues, you must submit USCIS I-693 Form if you’re requesting an adjustment of status to become a legitimate permanent resident.

The Immigration and Nationality Act’s section 212(a)(1) lists such health-related factors. Learn more about Form I-693’s legality.

Where to file

The civil surgeon shall deliver the completed Form I-693 in a sealed envelope to you, the applicant, following the completion of your medical examination. Anything that is not filled in an envelope should never be accepted. We will send the form back to you if it is not enclosed in a sealed envelope, if it has been altered, or if the envelope has been opened.

Your Form I-693 must be submitted to USCIS by you and not the civil surgeon. You may file Form I-693 to request an adjustment of status.

  • Through the mail at the address listed on your Form I-485, Application to Register or Adjust Status for Permanent Residence.
  • By mail following the completion of your Form I-485 and submitting it to the address provided in your most recent correspondence with us (such as a letter from us requesting evidence)
  • During a face-to-face interview at a USCIS field office (if an interview is required)
  1. Other applicants

Comply with the directions on your application, in any attachments, or in any instructions sent to you by the office requesting the medical exam.

When to file

You don’t need to submit Form I-693 simultaneously with Form I-485. Some applications might not require an interview, even though some candidates plan to bring their filled-out Form I-693 to the discussion. On a case-by-case basis, we choose whether or not to forego interviews.

If you submit Forms I-485 and I-693 simultaneously, we might not need to send you an RFE to get your Form I-693. If we determine that you do not require an interview, this may also help to prevent adjudication delays.

Filling fee for USCIS I-693 Form

The civil surgeon determines the costs associated with medical examinations. Each doctor may charge differently.

Instructions of USCIS I-693 Form

Suppose you want to be sure that the results of a medical examination are still valid when we assess your connected benefit application. In that case, you should schedule it as soon as you apply for status adjustment, respond to a request for proof, or show up in person for an interview (if applicable).

Make sure you allow adequate time for any required laboratory tests or other testing, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention instructed in their Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons.

What to bring to the exam

The following items with you to your medical exam;

  • Vaccination record and Report of Medical Examination, Form I-693
  • A passport or driver’s license with a photo is an acceptable government identification.
  • Proper photo ID from the government, like a passport or driver’s license. Bring identification with your name, birth date, and parents’ complete names if you are 14 years old or less. Your birth certificate (with an English translation) and an affidavit are examples of acceptable forms of identity.
  • Immunization or vaccination history (such as DT, DTP, DTaP, Td, Tdap, OPV, IPV, MMR, Hib, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, varicella, pneumococcal influenza, rotavirus, and meningococcal disease)
  • Medical insurance card (verify that the doctor’s office accepts your medical plan by calling the office first)
  • Payment (ask the doctor’s office what kinds of payments are accepted). To learn how much different doctors charge for the exam, it is a good idea to give them a call. A few hundred dollars can separate prices.

During exam

The medical study entails a review of your medical background and a physical examination.

A thorough physical examination and a medical history review will be part of the doctor’s comprehensive evaluation. Additionally, the doctor will perform tests for contagious illnesses like gonorrhea, syphilis, and tuberculosis.

Following the examination, the physician will fill up Form I-693 and place it in an envelope for you to send to USCIS. Obtain a copy of the completed Form I-693 before the doctor seals the package for your records. The form must not have the envelope opened or altered for USCIS to accept.

Processing time of USCIS I-693 Form

Form I-693 must be completed by a licensed civil physician no later than 60 days before submitting Form I-485, officially known as “Filing a request to register as a permanent resident or change status.”

Note of USCIS I-693 Form

Form I-693 is typically submitted along with I-485. I-485 processing times can range widely, from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the situation.

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