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Yoga for obese people (Obesity)

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Yoga for obese people (Obesity) ~ I Control My Health

Yoga: A Useful Activity for Weight Loss

“Obesity” In the present-day scenario, weight gain is the result of leading a sedentary lifestyle, which includes unhealthy food choices and consuming more calories than you utilize.

All these factors contribute to weight gain and before you even know you are either overweight or obese. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. You can accomplish this by either eating less or exercising more. You can always start by eating fewer calories in your diet by reducing simple sugars like candy, soda, chips, and non-nutrient-dense snacks.

In addition, a regular routine of proven therapies, such as yoga can be immensely beneficial in shedding the extra pounds. People of all ages and body types can generally perform light yoga exercises.

Yoga for weight loss consists of the practice of select postures along with specific patterns of breathing. As a result, the energy from the body’s muscles is consumed, and thereby calories are burnt. In addition, deep breathing exercises help achieve mind-body balance, which allows you to relax and slow down. As a result, you can learn to distinguish between the urge to eat and the emotional impulses that sometimes force you to eat.

True hunger to feed your body’s basic needs is totally different from craving foods that do not nourish. If you practice yoga regularly, it will help to increase sensitivity to your inner signals, such as hunger and cravings. Consequently, you adapt according to your body’s actual needs and eat when necessary.

On the physical level, yoga is a terrific calorie-burning exercise that strengthens, and tones every tissue of your body. The physical changes from yoga are seen immediately as your muscles are stretched and your breathing becomes faster. But it’s the mental transformation that no longer accepts the extra burden of weight.

If you couple the various yoga postures (asanas) with correct breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana) known as Hatha yoga, it can do wonders. The practice of Yoga has significant advantages over other weight loss approaches, as it deals with all the aspects of an individual: the mind, body, and spirit, making the effect more permanent than other techniques for Obesity.

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