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How to lose weight fast without Dieting

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lose weight fast journey when anybody conceptualizes a date, the usual ideas include a dinner, a movie, hanging out in a local pub, and so on and so forth. When hormones are raging and pheromones are plentiful, one finds these date ideas relaxing and soothing for the soul-quenching for love. With things undergoing a drastic revolution in almost every sphere of life, why should dating be left out?

It’s time for evolution to change the dating equation. Just try out these fun date activity ideas. These are not only perfect for spending quality time together but will also help you burn calories and be healthier. Being healthy ensures that you live a happy life and helps keep many serious diseases, such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity at bay. So folks, date and stay healthy with the following date ideas.

1. Get Lost in Love While You Dance 

If you and your date love music, what else can be a perfect idea for a date than to dance? The best part is that you just need some music and can start anywhere, in your home, alongside a calm and romantic beach, or at a local dance club. Moving your grooves is a great way to burn calories and get closer to your loved one.

Calories burned: Depending on the type of dancing you’re doing, you can burn about 200 to 300 calories an hour. If you’re really busting a move, you can burn even more.

Calories burned during dancing:

2. Play a Sport weight loss journey

Take to outdoor sporting activities, like a round of basketball or volleyball. Sports, like badminton and tennis, can be fun and exciting, or a short swim with your date can also be a marvelous idea.

Calories burned for some fun sports activities for couples:

3. Enjoy a Picnic weight loss journey

For going to a picnic all you’ll need is a couple of things, which may include home-cooked food (if you both desire). You can enjoy this kind of romantic date and try things that are different from your daily routines.

Calories Burned:

Depending on the type of activity you may choose while you are on a picnic, like hiking, biking, playing outdoor games, or walking you can burn somewhere between 150-200 calories per hour or maybe even more.

4. Ride a Bike weight loss journey

Is there anything more adventurous than a tandem bike ride? Rent a special two-person bike for your next date and burn calories while you pedal around town! Not into two-person biking? Riding your own bike can be a fun, active way to get out, see the town and have a good time.

Calories burned: Even a leisurely bike ride will burn about 200 to 300 calories in an hour

5. GoBowling, lose weight fast

Grab a ball and bowl it over with your honey. These types of fun games help you bond with your loved one while having fun. Calories burned: Bowling burns about 150 calories per hour and is a great way to tone and shape your arms and practice hand-eye coordination. Also, nothing quite compares to the sound of pins crashing.

6. Walk Hand in Hand and lose weight fast

A quiet soothing walk in the woods is the best place and the best way to open up to each other. It gives you a feeling of togetherness. Away from the maddening city crowd and everyday worries, a walk gives you a perfect place if you want to talk, laugh out loud, or even walk hand in hand. Try it!

Calories burned: You burn approximately 150-200 calories per hour while you walk.

7. Go Window Shopping and lose weight fast

Dates don’t have to be always expensive. Apart from being one of the most affordable date ideas, window shopping can be fun and is the best way to know your date’s likes and dislikes. Make sure you remember his/her taste when you shop next.

Calories burned: On average 150-200 calories are burnt while you walk during window shopping.

8. Cook Together to lose weight fast

There can be nothing more romantic than cooking a meal together and having fun in the kitchen. Choose a healthy recipe and add your own variations to give it a personalized touch. Walk up to the supermarket to fetch groceries and then exhibit your cooking skills with your partner. Enjoy your meal while you watch a movie or just get chatty.

Calories burned: You can expect to burn about 150 calories an hour while cooking a meal, which is much more than just sitting and waiting for the server to bring it to you in a restaurant.

9. Workout Together to lose weight fast

Why not hit the gym together? Exercise can be so much fun if you have the company of your loved one. You could also try yoga, cycling, or aerobics and get your date and exercise done in one shot.

Calories burned: 300- 500 calories per hour depending upon the type of exercise you choose.

So the next time you consider going on a date, take up any of these options. You’ll end up losing weight while you date.

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