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Feeding and Eating Disorders Management

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Feeding and Eating Disorders Management ~ IControlMyHealth

How are the Feeding and Eating Disorders Treated?

Feeding and eating disorders, if left untreated can have serious consequences. The treatment for eating disorders is decided on the basis of the type of disorder. In general, it typically includes psychotherapy, nutrition education, drug therapy, and non-conventional approaches. If the condition is severe and poses a risk to life, immediate hospitalization may be warranted.

The primary goals of treatment for feeding and eating disorders are as follows

  • Restore normal weight
  • Control binge eating and purging for bulimia nervosa
  • Treat physical complications and any associated mental disorders
  • Guide people about healthy eating habits and meal planning
  • Improve self-control, self-esteem, and behavior
  • Provide family counseling
  • Prevent relapse

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