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Depression Coping & Support

by icontrolmyhealth

How Can You Help Someone With Depression?

Role of Family and Friends

Helping someone with depression can be a challenge; however, with the right approach, depression can be treated well and people can have a very productive and symptom free life. Here are some tips for family members and friends:

  • Watch for signs and symptoms of depression.
  • Talk to the person if you notice the signs of depression and suggest seeking medical help from a doctor or a mental health provider.
  • If you notice that your loved one’s illness is severe or there is a danger of suicidal tendency, contact a doctor, hospital, or emergency medical services yourself.
  • Offer support during treatment and reassure the person that treatment is effective. Accompany them to the doctor’s appointment, if it helps.
  • Recovery process may be long so offer your support and encouragement.

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