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Application for a Permanent Resident Card

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Application For a Permanent Resident Card ~ Control Health

To apply for a PR (permanent resident) card, you are advised to follow the below-mentioned procedure;

Permanent Resident Card

  • Verify your eligibility before applying.
  • Fill out Form I-485, Application to Register Permanently (if you meet the requirements).
  • Complete the required paperwork and fee payment for residence or Status Adjustment with USCIS.
  • After reviewing your application, USCIS will send you an interview notice.
  • Once the process is successfully completed, you will get your Green Card with a ten-year validity period.

Where to File?

Depending on your eligibility category, you can file Form I-485 from anywhere. To get further detail, visit the Form Filing Tips page.

Please remember to sign your form; otherwise, it will be rejected by USCIS. Due to a change in the business process, you might not get an A-Number on your Form I-797 if you file at a USCIS lockbox; observe the Action. In these circumstances, a few days after accepting your application, USCIS will send your A-Number in a second notice.

When to file?

Form I-693 cannot be submitted along with Form I-485. Some applications might not require an interview, even though some candidates plan to bring their filled-out Form I-693 with them to the interview. Interview waiver requests are handled on a case-by-case basis by USCIS.

If you submit Forms I-485 and I-693 simultaneously, USCIS might not send you an RFE to get your Form I-693. If USCIS determines that you do not require an interview, it may also help to prevent adjudication delays.

Payment of Application Fee

The following table presents the filing cost based on the application category;

You have three options for paying the fee: cashier’s cheque, personal cheque, or money order. When submitting documentation at a USCIS lockbox, you can use Form G-1450 (Authorization for Credit Card Transactions) to make a credit card payment. The US Department of Homeland Security will be the beneficiary of any cheque written for payment in the conditions mentioned above.

The filing and biometric service fees are fixed and non-refundable, regardless of the conclusion on your application, petition, or request. You can use the fee calculator to calculate your fee. For more information, visit the ‘Paying USCIS Fees’ page.’

If You Are……. Form Fee……. Biometric Services Fee…. Total


Under 14 and submitting an I-485 with at least one parent’s application.  






Under 14 and not submitting an I-485 form with at least one parent.  






Age 14–78 $1,140 $85 $1,225
Age of 79 or more $1,140 $0 $1,140
Submitting Form I-485 because you were granted refugee status upon entering the country.  






Renewal or Lost Permanent Resident Card

To request a renewal or replacement of your card, use Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. You should renew your 10-year Permanent Resident Card if it has expired or will in the next six months.

You are a conditional resident if the duration of the permanent residence card is only two years. Before the card expires, you must submit a petition to uplift the restrictions on your residence. You may submit this petition ninety days before your conditional green card expiry. If your petition is approved, you will receive a new Permanent Resident Card with a 10-year validity period. Form I-90 is not required to be submitted.

When do you require replacing the Permanent Resident Card?

If your PR card has been damaged, lost, or stolen, you must apply to get it replaced. Additionally, if you became a permanent resident before reaching 14 years old, you must get a new card when you reach that age.

Removal of 2-year conditional Permanent Resident Card:

If your conditional resident status is about to expire, do not utilize Form I-90. Likewise, if you were given conditional permanent resident status and currently hold a permanent resident, you must submit a petition to uplift those restrictions within 90 days of your card expiry.

Furthermore, if your conditional status was based on marriage, you must file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.


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