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Alzheimer’s Disease Management – Goals of AD Treatment

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Alzheimer’s Disease Management -Goals of AD Treatment ~(ICMH)

Alzheimer’s Disease Management (AD) is a complex degenerative disorder, which has no definitive cure. There are no treatments that can stop or prevent the progression of the disease. The available conventional and non-conventional approaches mainly focus on managing cognitive and behavioral symptoms.

The Goals of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Treatment Include,

  • Improve mood, cognitive function, and behavior
  • Maintain quality of life
  • Maximize the function of daily activities
  • Improve social interaction
  • Slow or delay the symptoms of the disease

Alzheimer’s Disease Management (AD) also increases the emotional and financial burden on the patient’s family and community. Therefore, scientists are working towards finding new treatments to alter the course of the disease and improve the quality of life for people with dementia.

This section provides education regarding different treatment modalities available for improving cognitive and behavioral symptoms and the guidelines regarding the use of the same.

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