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Tickle your brain:use it or lose it

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Tickle your Brain: Use it or Lose it

Riddle no 1

A farmer needs to cross river to reach his farm. He has with him a goat, a lion and some grass. The problem is, the boat can only carry 2 things at one time. The farmer needs to carry all the three safely to the other end. So what should he do? Can you help him in this situation?






Riddle no 2

A black cat was walking down a lonely street. The village did not have electricity. Just as the cat was about the cross the road a huge vehicle with two broken headlights approached  it at high speed, and yet the cat managed to swerve out of the way. How could the driver have possibly seen the cat to swerve in time?






Riddle no 3

Can you change the position of one triangle to create a square?






Riddle no 4

What do you see in this image?








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