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six warning signs of AD

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Are You At Risk Of Suffering from AD?

AD begins almost a decade or more before the actual symptoms are seen. However there are some warnings signs which you or those near you may start noticing so that you can be alert. Early diagnosis is a critical step for appropriate management of AD.

Six Warning Signs of AD

Are you or someone near you facing similar situations and problems as Mary? Understand the warning signals you may observe through incidences in daily life. Read some examples given below.


1. Forgetting Important and Recent Events

Jessica: What did Mark say over phone?

Mary: Mark? When did he call?


2. Not Recognizing Family Members

Mary: Hello little girl, have we met before?

Jessica: Mom, this is your granddaughter


3. Difficulty Making Decision

Shopkeeper: Would you like brown or white bread?

Mary: I don’t know? I don’t understand


4. Unusual Changes in Behavior

Mary leaves house without informing anyone at home


5. Difficulty Understanding Others

Mary does not understand simple discussions at home


6. Difficulty Finding Right Words

Mary has suddenly started stammering while talking

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