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My Daily Mood Tracker

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My Daily Mood Tracker

Bipolar disorder is characterized by dramatic mood swings. The mood switches from depressive to manic episode and can hinder your ability to perform daily activities normally. Overall, symptoms of bipolar disorder are seen ranging from severe depression to severe mania, with each lasting for several weeks. The change from depressive to manic episode usually happens through anormal mood state in between. It is difficult for the person as well as the family members to cope up with such extreme mood swings. At times, you could be

worried and not know how you will feel the next day? Using some kind of tracking to make a note of your moods can be helpful for your healthcare provider (HCP) to understand the mood changes and decide a right treatment for you.

Following is a mood chart, which you can use as your daily mood tracker. It is available in online as well as printable format.

Instructions to use “My Daily Mood Tracker”

  1. Write your personal details wherever necessary
  2. On a given date, write the number of hours for which you slept, exercised and did some fun activities. You can mention the details if any, in the comments column
  3. Rate your anxiety or irritability levels as, 0 signifying “mild,” and 10 signifying “extremely severe”
  4. Mention the name and dosage of medication you took on a given date
  5. If you suffer any side effects, do mention them in the comments column
  6. Try to fill up “My Daily Mood Tracker” everyday


My Daily Mood Tracker

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Age: ___________________________________________________________________

Year: ____________________________ Month:_________________________________


Date    Sleep (Hr) Exercise (Hr) Fun Activities (Hr)

Anxiety Level(0 to 10)

Irritability Level (0 to 10) Feeling Sad (Yes/No) Mood (High/Low) Medications Taken Comments



Doctor’s Name: _______________________________________________________

Doctors Contact Number: _______________________________________________

Next Appointment Due on: ______________________________________________


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