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Overcome Stress and Binge Eating

Overcome Stress and Binge Eating


Happy, thrilled, and energized for my new job. It felt amazing as I got a desk job as I always wanted one.

I loved it initially but after few months I started hating it. My boss was my work stress. He used to tell me to get his groceries, pick up his pets medicine and other totally un-work related things. My boss used to makes me feel like I am worthless by taking away responsibility and giving it to someone else. To cope with stress, I started munching all the time. I started eating large amount of food on a regular basis while working. I used to feel so comfortable while eating but after a binge guilt used to kill me. Awful it was, I was gaining weight, and my career was going down the drain as I wasn't able to concentrate upon my work. I was going crazy. All this resulted in lack of my self esteem and I started losing out my confidence.

Why was it happening to me? One day, I happened to discuss it over with one of my friend doctor. I explained her everything. She then told me that I was suffering from Binge eating disorder (BED), in which a person eats large amounts of food without having power to control or stop eating. People with binge eating problem may overeat when they feel stressed, upset, hurt, or angry. This disorder leads to various chronic disorders such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension etc.

I got scared about my condition but my friend told me that there was nothing to worry about it. She explained that I could come out of this disorder with the help of various complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and homeopathy.

I made an effort to start each day with meditation and continued it for a few months. Trust me friends, it not only helped me a lot to recover from this BED but helped me in managing stress too. Daily, or at least regular (3-4 times per week) meditation, works really well to help you to assess the situation, and react more appropriately. Taking 20 minutes a day to meditate is the equivalent of 4 hours sleep.

If you are also suffering from a similar problem, then step out and take control of your health, and turn your lives around.

Always follow this mantra: Be Positive and Believe in yourself.


Your partner in change and taking control of your own health,

iControlMyHealth Editorial Team

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