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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery: Is it a right choice for you?

Recently, I met my ex-classmate at the reunion event in the college. It was amazing to see her after a long time, in such a perfect shape. I couldn’t recognize her at the first go because during our college days she was nothing less than 220 pounds. However, I sensed that she was not very happy about it. I kept wondering “what could be the reason behind her grief?

I subtly asked her about the reason of her unhappiness. Hesitantly though, she told me that she went under the knife to get that perfect mold. Rather than trying the traditional weight reduction plans, which include healthy diet and increased physical activity, she thought gastric bypass surgery (bariatric surgery) was the easy way out to shed those extra pounds.

Bariatric surgery changed her life enormously in every single way, as she was weighing much lighter than before. She told me, just few months after the surgery, her dress size dropped from 44/41(XL) to 32/30 (S).

Many obese people, like my friend, who hear about the results of bariatric surgery often forget about the risks and lifestyle changes that come along with the surgery. My friend was one of the victims of bariatric surgery. Day by day, it was getting harder for her to cope up with post-bariatric diet. She was not able to adjust her eating patterns to smaller portions. Now, she needs to chew food very thoroughly and if she eats a little extra food, it results in discomfort or vomiting. She was extra vigilant while trying any new food, as it might results in nausea or dizziness. She had initially thought that bariatric surgery would be the end of her worries, but in reality, it proved to be the beginning of her agony. On top of these agonizing changes, she was also struggling with internal hernia, one of the real risks of bariatric surgery. Now, she cannot go back, the change was irreversible and she has to deal with this forever.

Why this Rush towards Bariatric Surgery?

The busy daily routine keeps many of us occupied allowing very limited time to follow a healthy lifestyle. This constraint paves the way to choose some quick and easy options to lose weight; bariatric surgery being the latest one. But if you are considering bariatric surgery, think about it again. Once you have gone through this procedure, it would help you reduce weight, but you can’t escape adhering to a strict diet and exercise regime. You have to:

  • Follow the bariatric diet forever and eventually it could become a lifetime of imprisonment
  • Settle on balanced meals with diminutive portions, follow a diet low in calories, fats, and carbohydrates, and keep a daily record of your food intake
  • Be extra cautious while drinking liquids, because if gulped quickly it results in abdominal cramping or vomiting

It is rightly said “what is easiest isn't always the safest.” Considering some serious risks associated with bariatric surgery, it appears much logical to reduce weight by following a healthy lifestyle of regular physical activities and eating a balanced and healthy diet.


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