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Stay Fit While You Work
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Stay Fit While You Work


Long work hours, stressful situations, and a mind that is always under pressure. If this is your work life, you represent the millions of white-collar workers who spend a large majority of their day behind the desk and in front of a computer. Yes, you guessed it right. You are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Amidst your daily busy schedules, finding out time to exercise is an ever-increasing challenge. Come end of the day, and you are too tired to workout, or family/social life takes precedence. Before you realize, you add pounds and increase your risk of hypertension, obesity, and other illnesses brought about by lack of exercise.

So how do you work around this challenge? Why not play a bit smart, and workout while you are at work? Even if you spend eight to ten hours behind the desk, there are ways you can break away, and incorporate some physical activity into your daily work routine. Listed below, are some examples of how these busy corporate professionals won the battle of fitness without neglecting their work or home responsibilities.

Andrew, a 30 year old IT professional, just married and has a work schedule of 60 hour per week. Struggling and dealing with the pressures of personal and professional life, he barely has time to spare at end of the day. He is young and energetic, and makes deliberate efforts to maintain his fitness while at work. For instance, he leaves office about 15 minutes earlier and parks his car about a mile (1.6 km) away from his office. Through this, he is able to squeeze in a two-mile walk without devoting a specific time for cardio exercises. While in the office, instead of shooting emails and texting to fellow colleagues, Andrew prefers going to their desks. As far as possible, he opts for standing in the team meetings, as it burns more calories. No junk foods and junk snacks for him and its only once in a week that he goes out for lunch with team members.

Natasha is a 33 years old corporate executive having a 9 am - 6 pm job. Her work requires long duration of sitting in front of a computer due to which she frequently used to complain of pain in her neck area and shoulders. She realized the only way to prevent the occurrence of diseases such as cervical and spondylitis is regular exercise. Now, while sitting on her desk she performs simple exercises such as shoulder shrugging, arm rotation, neck rotation along with taking frequent breaks from work. She also ensures that she maintains an upright posture, where her eyes are directly aligned in front of the computer screen. To remind herself and form this habit, she has put hourly reminders to herself, which has helped her immensely in getting started on this healthy exercising schedule.

A 50 year old senior executive, Rohan was dealing with serious health problems, such a hypertension and high cholesterol for quite a while, all owing to his sedentary lifestyle – lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits. He inculcated small changes in his daily routine at work, and is now doing quite well with his health. After his realization that the metabolism of the body slows down as we age, instead of having heavy one time meal, he prefers having small meals every two hours. To cope up with the digestion and gastric problems, he takes the stairs instead of the elevator, which keeps the body in motion. He also ensures frequent trips to the cafeteria or other office buildings throughout the day to ensure continued physical movement, without compromising the quality and quantity of work.

Aged 45 years, Jaspreet is a financial consultant. Stressful situations and immense pressure are everyday routine for her. Additionally, she has been experiencing some pre-menopausal symptoms, such as fatigue, hot flushes, short-temper, etc., which are common for women of this age. Balancing work and personal life can be a challenge for many women, and for Jaspreet balancing her health was a big challenge, as she didn’t have time for exercise. Therefore, she decided to work things out at the office itself. Now, instead of gossiping with colleagues after having her lunch, she goes for a small walk in the nearby area. Additionally, she has zipped up her mouth for the oily snacks and junk food that she frequently reached out to during stressful situations. Instead, she munches on healthy snacks that are rich in calcium and proteins, which are essential for women at this age. Additionally, she gulps about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, which serves a dual purpose of keeping her hydrated and fresh, and acts as a guard against the risk of various urinary tract infections (UTI's), which are common at this stage.

The fitness tips listed below are a realistic approach to how you can inculcate more routine movement into your workday that can mitigate the hazards of sitting.

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