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Feeding and Eating Disorders

Feeding and Eating Disorders

Feeding and Eating Disorders Basics


Feeding and eating disorders refer to a group of mental illnesses in which people tend to have abnormal eating habits, such as eating too less or too much food.



Eating Disorders Causes


The exact cause underlying the feeding and eating disorders is not known. The scientists believe that these disorders arise from a combination of factors, including: genetics, stressful life experiences, cultural emphasis on thinness, perfectionism, and low self-esteem.



Feeding Disorders Complications


Eating disorders affect a person's emotional and physical health. It is important to understand that, these are not just a 'temporary phase', which can be assumed to go away with time.



Eating Disorders Management


Feeding and eating disorders, if left untreated can have serious consequences. The treatment for eating disorder is decided on the basis of type of disorder. In general, it typically includes psychotherapy, nutrition education, drug therapy and non-conventional approaches.



Resources & References

Resources & References

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