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Depression Basics


We all go through ups and downs in our mood. Feeling 'sad 'or having a 'low' mood from time to time as a reaction to stressful events is a normal part of life. However, this cannot be considered as depression. It is important to understand that depression is different from the occasional feeling of sadness, which tends to pass rather quickly.


Depression Causes & Risk Factors

Causes & Risk Factors

Stress from work, family responsibilities, and childcare can play a role in triggering depression in women. Also, women who live in poverty and have a history of sexual abuse are at a higher risk of developing depression.           



Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms & Complications

Symptoms of depression can be really complex. People who suffer depression lose interest in things they otherwise used to enjoy. The symptoms of depression can be classified as psychological, physical, and social.                  



Diagnosis of Depression


Diagnosis of depression can be tricky. Most of the times, the symptoms of depression can go unnoticed until the patient self reports it. Depression can also be confused with other medical illnesses. For example, weight loss and fatigue accompany many conditions, but they can also occur with depression.


Depression Treatment Management


Depression is a treatable illness, even in serious cases. The treatment choice depends on the degree and type of depression and other accompanying conditions. It also may depend on age, pregnancy status, or other individual factors. Most people with depression can be treated in an office setting by a psychiatrist.


Depression Support

Coping & Support

Helping someone with depression can be a challenge; however, with the right approach, depression can be treated well and people can have a very productive and symptom free life. Here are some tips for family members and friends:


Depression Resources

Resources & References

The following sources were used as a reference for creating this content in this section:




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