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Coping and Support

Coping and Support

What should you do if someone close to you is suffering from bipolar disorder?

Living with bipolar disorder or even dealing with those who are suffering from it can be a real challenge. Although professional help is extremely beneficial, support from friends and family is especially important.

Role of Family and Friends

Educate Yourself

Try to get all the information related to the disorder. Understand the symptoms and treatment options for bipolar disorder. If you are aware of all possible complications associated with this illness, you will be a great help for the patient in offering hope and encouragement, keeping track of symptoms, and being a partner in treatment.


Encourage the Person to Get Help

Accept the fact that your family member is unwell and the situation cannot be left to clear up by itself. Early diagnosis and treatment shows better results. So, urge your friend or family member to seek professional help right away.


Be Understanding

A person experiencing depressive or manic symptoms could be confused, frightened therefore be as open and honest as possible, speaking slowly and simply. This way the patients may respond best and feel safest. Remind your loved one that you care and that you’ll always be eager to help.


Give Time and Be Patient

Keep your own feelings and emotions away from them. Recovering completely from bipolar disorder may take a long time. Don’t expect a quick recovery or a permanent cure.



Last Reviewed on: July 30, 2014

Reviewed By: Dr. Akshya Vasudev, MBBS, MD, MRCPsych, PG Cert Med Edu

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