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Leadership and Experience

Leadership and Experience

The leadership team at IControlMyHealth possesses a combination of key skills, which we believe, are absolutely critical to deliver on our mission and vision. These are summarized below:

Passion to Serve

The leadership team at IControlMyHealth strongly believes that each one of us has to do their part to make this world a better place to live. Having successfully worked in the corporate world for decades, the team is now utilizing their talents and resources to give back to this world.

Healthcare Experience

IControlMyHealth team has extensive global experience in the healthcare field. The executive team members have held senior level positions in healthcare marketing, executive management, information technology, product development, and customer support. This diverse experience has prepared the management team to have a laser focus on the cause to help the consumers.

Global Reach

IControlMyHealth is a US based organization, but has reach in key global markets. Our network, advisory board members, and key collaborators are spread across multiple countries giving us the capability to make our offering appealing and relevant to the global audience.

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